Online marketing now smarter and mobile

March 22, 2011


Many many years ago we only had an option of hooking on to the bulky PC or CPU and viewed the World Wide Web through the monitor. Then we had the option to move on to the laptop and website makers had to simply adjust their resolution. But when the browser entered the mobile phones, website developers […]

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Analyzing the Analytics

February 19, 2011


What makes online marketing fascinating is that every marketing effort and every dollar can be tracked. And that’s where a web analytics expert steps in who knows exactly what metrics need to be monitored. In a team every analytics report is shared and discussed which goes for a second round of reporting with your client. This […]

Search and social go hand in hand

February 8, 2011


Google created a revolution is search and Facebook shook the whole realm of social connectivity. So we all like to google and just like you have googled every time you are on your computer or smart phone, you have also facebooked.  If you think of google every time you want to search, don’t you think […]

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