Search and social go hand in hand

Posted on February 8, 2011


Google created a revolution is search and Facebook shook the whole realm of social connectivity. So we all like to google and just like you have googled every time you are on your computer or smart phone, you have also facebooked.  If you think of google every time you want to search, don’t you think of facebook when you want to connect? Not to mention those much talked about tweets aka Twitter! And most web marketers and search engines now follow this strong connection and hence google is more optimized with social media and all social networks are now trying to challenge google.

In today’s times every product, person, coupon, promotion or a news search begins on Google, Yahoo or Bing. We always want to be driven to a website for say a best holiday deal, nearest food joint, latest home on sale and now even what is the latest buzz everyone is talking about. That’s where the likes of Facebook and Twitter come in.

Okay so what’s the latest on these two platforms? I am sure many of you have noticed that each time you type a search query on Google the results depict a frame on the left which has options to depict blogs, real-time (features tweets and  Facebook updates) and discussions (basically reviews and discussions on websites like say, amazon or yahoo or google based groups). This means as a marketer you have that many opportunities not only to come up on search engines but be caught up by the search spiders to appear in these categories! Awesome! And it shows how it benefits even more if you or your brand are active on these social platforms as well. Now, say a query like “Manhattan hotels”, you were to type on Facebook, there would be fan page that would come up- “Sheraton Hotels and Inns New York & Manhattan”. How smart of a marketer is that! Fan pages really benefit brands and marketers. And when you add a powerful keyword with your brand it only does wonders on the web!

And we all know on Twitter you have the option of solely following any brand you like and know what’s new about it and what the latest promotion/offer is. Starbucks does a great job with Twitter; last year Starbucks opened three new Twitter accounts, adding to its voice on the social media channel. The coffee retailer’s top twitterer, Brad Nelson who runs the @Starbucks account, announced the new additions last year in a post on its My Starbucks Idea blog where consumers and employees are encouraged to share ideas for the company. That I say is a perfect combination of the right PR branding, Search engine optimization and consumer engagement. In fact, brings to light a stat about how marketers working in social media reported an average 27% conversion rate for organic search traffic. Those not working in social media reported 17%. That is a 58.8% difference — which is huge.

It takes us to a conclusion, marketers who engage in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & SMO (Social Media Optimization) have 58.8% higher conversion rates for organic traffic because their social media work has increased trust in their brands and products. ( M.Sherpa ). What SMO also does is create a referral network that in turn supports your search strategy. And sure google may lead you to a website but in today’s times it also matters what reviews your website/brand is getting or how much it is talked about. This means we have a whole new array of metrics to monitor, which shall be the topic of my next entry. Until then happy searching!

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